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New chimney lining material and technology

Heat resistant and corrosion-proof glass fibre reinforced resin chimney lining tube hardening on spot for gas, oil and wood-burning boilers as well as ventilation tubes with a diameter of 60-1000 mm.

Thin walled, temperature resistant composite tube

Pre-produced stiff tube made of FuranFlex material. Its manufacturing has been suspended.

Motor-powered chimney cleaning device with rotary brush

Easy cleaning of chimneys with prefect quality.

Polymer and glass fiber based industrial chimney

Corrosion resistant composite chimney with diameters between 1-2.5 m up to a height of 100 m.

Composite sheet for production of fire resistant wood-panels

FirePlat is a flame-resistant thin sheet, which stuck between wood layers makes the initially combustible structure to a fire-resistant panel with high strength.

Composite shield against sparks

Safety sheet for welding applications.

Fire resistance sandwich panel of aluminium honeycomb core with composite covering.

Aluminium honeycomb core sandwich panel covered with fire and heat resistant composite sheets used as a lightweight but high-strength structural element of wagons, ships, airplanes and lorries.

Composite-reinforced fire resistant wood panels

High-strength, non-flammable (30-90 minutes), burglarproof wooden doors and panels with two, four or six 1.5mm thick composite layers.

Fire resistant, high-strength wood doors with composite reinforcement

Fire retardant door from common wood materials and Fireplat sheet.

High-performance pressring for power transformers

Composite material pressing ring for power transformers is much more rigid, and stronger than any wooden structures when exposed to bending stress.

Distance rods of transformers from composite material

Rods hardened between steel core and copper spool of high power transformers with the diameter of 12-50 mm.

Cutting machine for laboratory or semi-industrial purposes

Making different length of carbon or glass fibre chaffs from wound rovings.

Covering sheet from composite material with optional profile and colour

2-15m long longitudinally corrugated fibreglass reinforced polyester plate with optional profiles (sinus, quadruplane) in different colours and widths.

A coating material to make the surface of your heat insulation tougher

Applied to insulating materials on 530 °C turbine and generator surfaces provides a well-repairable, heat resistant (90 °C), traversable, corrosion proof coating.