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Fibre cutting machine for laboratory and semi-industrial purposes

Besides rovings (made of carbon and glass fibre), textiles, quilts and veils, used for reinforcing polymers (thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics), the composite industry has increasingly been using short, cut reinforcing fibres. The length of the reinforcing fibres is 4-30 mm, which is enough to achieve a suitable mechanical value in the thermoplastic and thermosetting polymer matrix. Besides cut fibres ground reinforcing fibres are also manufactured for the same purpose; however, the length of the fibres is just 50-300 microns, which is insufficient for the reinforcing procedure.

The required length of the cut reinforcing fibres is determined by the shape of the product and the processing technology. Therefore, reinforcing fibres of different lengths must be used. Generally, the composite industry uses reinforcing fibres of 6-30 mm in length.

For this purpose, KOMPOZITOR Ltd. has developed a cutting machine, which can be used in developmental work and factory production as well. The CFC-6 is useful for cutting glass and carbon fibres without any modification. The length of the fibres can be varied quickly by changing the detachable blades.




Technical Data:

Fibre types: glass fibre, carbon fibre  
Cut size of fibres: 6,25-12,5-18,75-25,0-37,5-50 mm
Number of blades: 48-24-16-12-8-6 pcs
Cut size of roving: 12K-50K  
Number of tows to cut simultaneously: 1-6 pcs
Cutting engine power: 550 W
Revolutions per minute: 50-350 1/min
RPM control: stageless (with frequency converter)  
Diameter of cutting cylinder: 94 mm
Size of blades: 80 x 8 x 0,25 mm
Prestress of support roller: adjustable with a spring  
Container capacity: ca. 20 litre
Protection rate of control panel: IP 65  
Overall dimension of cutting unit: 1050 x 600 x 1740 mm
Overall dimension of vacuum unit: 900 x 600 x 1870 mm
Weight of cutting unit, chaff collecting case and control panel: 228 kg
Weight of vacuum unit: 21 kg