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Composite sheet for fire retardant wood-panels

FirePlat is a thin flame resistant high strength 3-layer sheet that transforms initially combustible structures into fire resistant panels and enhances their strength. FirePlat opens up new horizons among others for the building industry, the motor vehicle industry, shipbuilding and the railway industry.A 3-layer FirePlat consists of two thin wooden boards (MDF or HDF) and a steel-firm fire resistant glass fibre reinforced resin impregnated composite sheet pressed between them.
The 3 layers, irrespective of the thickness of the wooden panels, are fixed together with a hot compression procedure using either a kind of industrial urea-based woodworking glue or the flame resistant Preg Fix Super Glue produced by Kompozitor Ltd.
In a 5 mm thick FirePlat there is a 1 mm composite layer. 

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In a 60-90 minute fire resistant wooden panel the proportion of composite materials is between 0.5-2% compared to the volume of wood. Kompozitor Ltd. produces FirePlat with the maximum overall dimensions of 1900x2900 mm.


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