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New chimney lining material and technology

"Revolutionary change in chimney repair"

(Composite International, no41. Sep-Oct 2000)

awardGenius Europe Grand Prix winning product in 2004

Furanflex - Kompozitor Kft.Furanflex - Kompozitor Kft.

Lining chimneys has become compulsory due to flue gas related deaths. Kompozitor Ltd. has created a revolutionary chimney lining technology where the heart of the matter is pulling the still soft composite tube into the chimney to be inflated with steam and hardened on spot. The material of the tube is high strength glass fibre reinforced fire and corrosion resistant resin. FuranFlex adjusts to the shape of the chimney, hardens irreversibly and forms an approximately 2.5mm thick jointless tube with a round or square cross section and the solidity of steel. The FuranFlex material is not flammable and does not spread fire.



- So far more than 2 million meter FuranFlex tubes have been installed in Europe

- Applicable to gas and oil burning boilers

- Licenced operating temperature: 250-350°C (country specific)

- Possible diameters: 60-1200 mm

- 25 years guarantee for corrosion

- Liability insurance for any damage caused by FuranFlex (Generali)



Kompozitor Ltd. developed a new variety of Furanflex for wood burning boilers between 2010-2012. This type must resist soot fire, which means the lining tube must still be air tight after a 1000ºC flue gas flow of 30 minutes. It is called:


- Key to the letters: R (reddish colour), W (for wood heating), V (applicable to ventilation tubes)

- Guarantee: 10 years





  • The 2.5 mm thick hardened tube has the solidity of steel.
  • There is no need to demolish walls, homes remain clean during the lining work.
  • Chimney lining only takes a few hours.
  • It can be used for all types of boilers and chimneys.
  • Even chimneys as high as 80 metres with a diameter of 100 cm can be lined without any joints.
  • It adjusts to the shape of the chimney, so it is also suitable for declined chimneys and variable diameters.
  • It might sit tight on the chimney wall or stand on its own as a tube in the chimney flue.
  • Its heat insulation is 4 times as good as that of steel.
  • Due to its smooth internal surface and heat insulation the chimney draws better, facilitates a more economic operation of boilers and reduces heating costs.
  • Other applications: repairing drainage systems, garbage chutes as well as air technology tubes and shafts.


Furanflex - Kompozitor Kft.

Furanflex - Kompozitor Kft.


Only holders of a certificate issued by Kompozitor Ltd. are allowed to carry out the chimney lining procedures. The steam generator and other necessary equipment are produced by Kompozitor Ltd.

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