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Heat resistant sandwich panel of aluminium honeycomb core with composite covering

Hexagonal cell structures, resembling honeycombs made by bees, are very common in modern technology. The industrial practise produces stiff thin and thick panels by sticking two thin covering sheets on both sides of a lightweight honeycomb core structure. Such honeycomb panels are used in ships, aeroplanes and lorries. Generally the honeycomb core as well as the covering sheets are made of aluminium and fixed together with resin adhesives. In case of a fire the adhesive between the core and the covering loses its mechanical properties at a relatively low temperature (180°C) and the panel falls apart in a few seconds.

The covering sheets of the aluminium honeycomb core sandwich panels developed by Kompozitor Ltd. are made of heat resistant carbon or glass fibre reinforced resin pressed on the surface of the core without adhesives. The result is a high strength, lightweight, fire resistant panel (1000°C 10 minutes). The strength the HoneyKomp panel can be enhanced either by increasing the number of composite layers or by substituting the glass fibre covering sheets with carbon fibre ones.

Maximum overall dimensions are 2 m x 3 m with a thickness of 6 – 25 mm at the customer’s request.

Clicking on the pictures below you can download the Data Sheet of the 20 mm thick double-cover HoneyKomp.


HoneyKomp_DataSheet HoneyKomp_DataSheet


Hőálló méhsejt panel