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Composite-reinforced fire resistant wood panels

Kompanel is a new solution to make different types of wooden panels fire resistant, corrosionproof and strong with just a few tenths of millimeters of composite material covering layers.

Currently three types are available:


The core of Kompanel Decor is a thin wooden panel, for example an MDF sheet, an OSB sheet or a chipboard. Composite sheets (Icopreg) are pressed on both sides of the core. To give the panel an aesthetic appearance a large variety of coloured or patterned thin Decorit or Formica sheets can be pressed on one side of the core together with the Icopreg layer. 

Kompozitor Kft. - Kompanel



The core of the Kompanel Board is plywood and single or multi-layer Icopreg is pressed on both sides.


Kompozitor Kft. - Kompanel



Kompanel Wag is set up of a panelled board core with Icopreg and a 0.2-0.5 mm melamin layer or some other decorative element pressed on both sides. This type of thin, strong and fire retardant panel is meant for the interior lining of railway wagon partitions.

Kompozitor Kft. - Kompanel


You can download the data sheets of the KomPanel family by clicking on the pictures below:

kompanel_datasheet_01 Kompozitor Kft. - Kompanel