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Fire resistant, high-strength wooden doors with composite reinforcement

KompFireDoor is a kind of prominently fire retardant high strength wooden door that can easily be manufactured by any wood processing firm from common wood materials and Fireplat sheets.

FirePlat is produced by Kompozitor Ltd. and consists of two thin wooden boards (MDF or HDF) and a steel-firm fire resistant glass fibre reinforced resin impregnated thermosetting composite sheet pressed between them. The wooden surface FirePlat sheet can easily be mounted on wooden panels with traditional urea-based woodworking glue. The flame resistant Preg Fix Super Glue, a Kompozitor product, is also applicable and increases the fire resistance of the sandwich panel. FirePlat sheets placed between wooden panels do not only make wooden doors fire resistant but also considerably improve some of their mechanical properties.


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panel tested

FirePlat sheets can be stored for an unlimited period of time and a fine-tooth woodworking saw is necessary to cut them. Using two or four FirePlat sheets and simple wooden panels 60 or even 90-minute fire resistant doors can be produced.


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Main characteristics and advantages of KOMPFIREDOORs

  • with 2 or 4 FirePlat layers fire retardant up to 90 minutes when exposed to flames of 1000°C on one side, depending on the type and thickness of wood,
  • the glass fibre part of the FirePlat considerably increases the bending strength and firmness of the wooden door,
  • the FirePlat layers contribute to the burglarproof character of these doors (obstruct cutting out the lock),
  • the FirePlat layer prevents water from getting into the panel,
  • significantly longer lifespan than with traditional wooden doors,
  • easy to produce with a low-pressure press.


Fireplat ajtok metszet


The cross-section of a 60-minute fire resistant wooden door:

Kompfiredoor ajtometszet


The renovated Gresham Palace (in Budapest) has similar doors.

Grasham 400