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Composite material cover plate in different colours and profiles

Multisheet is a new Kompozitor product manufactured at the Hódmezővásárhely plant of the company.

Multisheet is a glass fibre reinforced resin (composite material) panel of various profiles and longitudinal corrugation suitable for roofing, partitions, rooflights and many other things. Its outstanding tensile and impact strength as well as its UV resistance make Multisheet a durable product that fulfils the requirements of several kinds of applications. The strong but flexible flat plates can be mounted into waterproofing embankments to enhance stability.




Variable features

  • Different colours
  • Different thickness
  • Different profiles
  • Optional length (2-15 m)
  • Maximum width: 1800 mm (flat plates)
  • Different extent of transparency
  • Variable level of flexibility and strength


JProfiles produced at present




Areas of usage

Roofings – Porches – Partitions – Fences – Greenhouses and their outer covering – The roofs of pools – Storehouses – Garages – Military buildings – Sports facilities – Conservatories – Pergolas – Passages – The floors and sidewalls of swimming-pools – The outer covering of insulated pipelines – Heat insulated sandwich panels for the sidewalls of freezer wagons – Waterproofing embankments – Translucent sidewalls – Condensational elements of power plant cooling-towers





Gábor Ferenczy


Multisheet, the new Kompozitor product, will be manufactured in a great volume on a currently built company plant. At present production is still limited.