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Composite material industrial chimneys of high corrosion resistance

Large industrial chimneys made of brick, concrete and steel are prone to falling victim to corrosion, where flue gases of a complex chemical setup are at a temperature between 60 and 220 ºC. The size of industrial chimneys usually exceeds the largest possible FuranFlex dimensions, so this technology can not be used here.

Kompozitor Ltd. has developed a technology with which self-supporting composite material chimneys can be constructed with diameters of 1000-3000 mm and excellent resistance to corrosion as well as external fire. Polykamin brand named industrial chimneys are made of 100% composite material, demand individual design, manufacturing and installation all arranged by Kompozitor Ltd.

Main dimensions:

Internal diameter: 800-3.000  mm
Height: 30-120  m
Weight: 100-250  kg/m

Characteristics of the Polykamin material:

Density: 1,9  kg/m2
Tensile strength (axial): 756,0  MPa
Tensile strength (radial): 94,2  MPa
Compressive strength (axial): 434,0  MPa
Compressive strength (radial): 25,8  MPa
Operating temperature: -40-180  °C
Thermal conductivity: 0,4  W/mK

The advantages of using Polykamin:

  • High chemical resistance
  • Favourable solidity/weight ratio
  • Stronger draft due to low heat conductivity and heat transmission
  • Declined chimneys (curved tube sections without a break for lower air resistance)
  • Low air resistance on the inner surface (low energy need)
  • Quick installation
  • Up to 30 years guarantee (depending on waste gas components)


The Dorog Incinerator Environmental Development Public Foundation

The plant in Dorog is the country's biggest hazardous waste incenerator specialising in the elimination of residue from the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.


Kompozitor Kft. - Polykamin


Year of installation: 2005  
Guarantee: 30  év
Internal diameter: 1.250  mm
Height: 40  m
Wall thickness: 25  mm
Mass of vertical section: 9.300  kg
Mass of drop catcher: 1.700  kg
Mass of lower curved section: 700  kg


The internal surface of the chimney has been faultless since it was put into operation seven years ago.




Like all other similar chimneys, Polykamins should be attached to the ground with cables in at least three directions to protect them from wind load. However, in many cases the surrounding free area is not spacious enough to allow for that. For this reason a new patented technology was developed from the joint efforts of Kompozitor and Kamin-Tech. Essentially the procedure consists of placing the Polykamin inside a large steel tube that can be embedded without cables.The steel covering protects the Polykamin tube from wind pressure, allowing a reduction in wall thickness.

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