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Motor-powered chimney cleaning device with rotary brush

Chimney cleaning and the removal of soot and tar depositions have been performed manually for decades by moving a brush with an attached weight of several kilograms up and down. Chimney liner resistance to cleaning has been standardised (MSZ EN 13216-1:2005). Because of the increasing demand for chimney cleaning, technological development is required.

The Rotary Chimney Cleaning Brush (RCCB) is a device that eliminates hard manual labour by speeding up and improving the chimney cleaning process. The brush does not have to be worked up and down with great effort, it just needs to be slowly lowered down the flue. The rotary brush substitutes manual labour.




The RCCB device consists of the following elements:

  • Steel or synthetic fibre brushes of different diameters currently used for chimney cleaning.
  • Brush rotator. The brush easily screws on to one end of the device, while the other end is fitted with a flexible tube. The rotary brush device can be manually lowered down the chimney.
  • The device is driven by a 12 V gear electric motor placed inside the brush holder.
  • The brush holder weighs 5.6 kg, which is needed to pull the device through the chimney during the cleaning process.
  • The electric motor receives low voltage power through a cable placed inside the flexible tube.
  • The upper end of the flexible tube is connected to a rotating cable drum.
  • Inside the cable drum there are two accumulators, which provide electricity for the whole day.
  • The tube holder device is a handy tool on the roof.



Basic information:

Brush diameter: 140-300  mm
Weight of brush holder: 5.6  kg
Unit weight of flexible tube: 0.5  kg/m
Length of flexible tube: 10-15-20  m


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