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Composite shield against sparks

The primary purpose for Kompozitor Ltd. in developing its SparkStop shield was to support wielding technologies. This special multilayer fire resistant resin impregnated glassfibre reinforced composite sheet can prevent any damage or harm caused by sparks, flames and heat througout wielding processes.

Main characteristics of SparkStop shields

  • 2-5 mm thick, 
  • maximum overall dimensions: 1900 x 2900 mm,
  • 1000°C direct jet flame does not burn it through for 10 minutes,
  • long-term heat resistance: 400°C,
  • insignificant smoke production (B–s1,d0 according to MSZ EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2010 standard), egészségre ártalmatlan anyag (M1 according to EN 717-1 standard).


The red-hot, 160g, 1000°C steel object does not damage the underlying SparkStop surface while it cools down.

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