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A coating material to make the surface of your heat insulation tougher

The outside surface of the turbines and generators with high (300-400°C) operating temperatures is covered with ceramic based heat insulation. The top of this 15-20cm thick layer can easily become damaged by even falling tools. Heat can also cause damage if steam flows through the insulation. Turbokitt was developed to prevent such incidents.
Turbokitt is a binary compound resin composite system serving as a covering for the refractory fiber of turbines and transformers. It is a 0.7-1 mm thick paintlike layer on the heat insulation. The Turbokitt layer prevents the damaged ceramics particles from polluting the air.
The Turbokitt coating is applied with a brush. Coverage: 0.7 m² / kg.

Kompozitor Kft. - TurbokittMain characteristics:

  • Lasting heat resistance: -30°C...+90°C
  • High combustion resistence
  • Tough, falling tools do not damage it
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Self-correcting with its own material
  • Durability: 30 years


The Turbokitt coating system provides reliable and lasting protection for the refractory fiber layer of turbines and transformers.


Kompozitor Kft. - Turbokitt


Kompozitor Kft. - Turbokitt