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The birth of a company

Take seven mechanical, three chemical and one electric engineer.

Add a few technicians and first-rate skilled workers.

Sprinkle this with several decades of experience and expertise.

The result will be exceptional intellectual capacity, several patents and the 4.000m² development and production center of Kompozitor Ltd. near Budapest Airport, where composite structures are manufactured after careful research and development.

Besides HoneyKomp fire resistant and shatterproof sandwich panels, Kompanel fire-retardant wooden doors and dividing walls as well as the FuranFlex chimney lining technology we export several products of our own invention into 30 European countries.


Building of Kompozitor


You are welcome to pay us a visit.

This way you could be witness to our professional competence and see all our 35 employees work day by day in line with the Kompozitor slogan: ″Always new solutions, never copying″.