Kompozitor Ltd. introduction

Kompozitor Plastics Development Ltd. was established in 1991. Previously, the founding professionals worked together in the State-owned Plastic Research Institute where they conducted high-level plastic industry development researches. The main activity of Komopozitor Ltd. is the development and production of high-strength glass fibre-reinforced resin (composite) products.

Introduction - About us - KompozitorSince its establishment Kompozitor Ltd. has been operating according to one philosophy:

„We never copy, just create new things!”.

According to this philosophy, Kompozitor since its establishment has constantly been creating new products by developing composite plastics and developing new applications and manufacturing processes. The founder and leader of the company is Géza Kecskeméthy, Jedlik Ányos award winner mechanical engineer with more than 70 inventions and patents.



Introduction - About us - Kompozitor

Kompozitor Ltd. has two premises. Its headquarters is located in a 3,000 m2 self-owned factory in Vecsés. In this modern plant since 2008 takes place the manufacturing and developing of various composite materials.  The company has a factory in Hódmezővásárhely as well, where they run mainly the production and development of polyester resin products.

The company’s activity in its premise in Vecsés is done according to the regulations and quality control of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 quality and environmental management systems.

Nearly fifty staff members work for the company. The company has a high added value of technical development and production, with 44% of employees having a higher education degree.


Introduction - About us - Kompozitor          Introduction - About us - Kompozitor         Introduction - About us - Kompozitor         Introduction - About us - Kompozitor

Currently the most prodigious product of Kompozitor Ltd. is the FuranFlex® composite resin chimney liner system. By the end of 2017, FuranFlex® was installed through more than 5,000 km (5 million meters) long in 600,000 chimneys across Europe. The FuranFlex® chimney liner system is exported to 34 countries, including almost all European countries, Russia and the USA.

Two other fields of application are based on the technology of FuranFlex®: the application in ventilation systems, called VentilFlex® and in rainwater drainage pipes, called RainFlex.


Introduction - About us - Kompozitor   Introduction - About us - Kompozitor   Introduction - About us - Kompozitor

The company’s other products include the TransRing and TransPolym clamping rings and support-rods, which are used for industrial transformers, but include fibreglass reinforced corrugated board and various heat resistant and refractory composite panels as well.


Kompozitor Kft. has won numerous professional awards. Such as the Paris National Innovation Honour or the Featured Gold Medal at the World Exhibition of Inventions in Brussels. Among the Hungarian prizes, the most prestigious ones are the Genius Europe Grand Prix and the Innovation Prize of the Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix SZTNH, won in 2017.