Quality policy

Quality and environmental policy of Kompozitor Ltd.

The management and employees of Komozitor Ltd. are committed and consciously frame their activities to be in accordance with MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 and MSZ EN ISO 14001:2015 standards. To implement it we operate and effective quality and environmental management system.

Based on our objectives, we have defined our strategy, which guarantees the constant quality of our products, the continuous development of products and production as well as the satisfaction of our customers in such way that environmental and health conditions are fulfilled and improved.

  • We constantly develop our production technology and equipment, introduce advanced methods, and strive to focus on the use of raw materials that do not pose a threat to the environment and to create quality and environmental programs to achieve our goals.
  • We qualify our external service providers (our suppliers, subcontractors) to meet the requirements we set up at the highest possible level, so that we can guarantee our products’ consistent and impeccable quality.
  • Our staff receives training on a regular basis within the quality, professional and work safety education. Our stuff is provided with appropriate personal protective equipment.
  • We aim to reduce and prevent scrap and environmental pollution through the selection of precise manufacturing instructions and selection of quality materials.
  • We create a civilized work environment that is appropriate for the technology to produce our products of the right quality.
  • Our company seeks to implement mechanized, sealed technological processes that reduce waste generation, air and water pollution.
  • We pay great attention to protecting the environment, which is reflected in the release of our activities, especially in terms of air and soil pollution. All hazardous waste is handled separately and regularly handed over to a licensed waste company.  Kompozitor Ltd. complies with legal and other requirements (compliance obligations). We are constantly monitoring our environmental factors as well as the run of our performance.
  • We motivate our staff to maintain order and cleanliness, to develop environmental policy and to develop and apply procedures to improve manufacturing and final product quality.
  • We provide our staff with adequate information about market and technology changes and about customer satisfaction.
  • We make the KIR/MIR policy available to major stakeholders on our website. We provide trainings, take part in exhibitions and appear in the print media as well.
  • We care about the human factors, raising awareness of the importance of qualification and quality.


For the continuous fulfilment of the above goals, Kompozitor Ltd. has introduced, maintains and applies the continuous quality improvement tools of the quality and environmental management system integrated in accordance to MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 and MSZ EN ISO 14001:2015.