„We never copy, just create new things!”

Mr. Géza Kecskeméthy, mechanical engineer, founder and inventor

Since the founding of Kompozitor Kft., it has been developing reinforced (composite) plastics.

Our flagship product is the unique FURANFLEX® flexible liner system.


FURANFLEX® is the only method that can be used to line a chimney or flue of any shape, size and length without having to breaking walls. It is made of fiberglass-reinforced, heat-hardening synthetic resin (composite), whose physical (steel strength) and chemical (acid-resistant, alkali-resistant) properties make it perfectly suitable for lining chimneys or ventilation shafts. While it is still soft, it is pulled into the chimney, where it is inflated with steam and takes the shape of the chimney. It hardens irreversibly under the influence of heat, after installation it has the strength of steel, is airtight, corrosion-, flame- and heat-resistant. Its special resin composition guarantees a high degree of heat resistance.

FURANFLEX® liners can be widely used in the construction industry during renovations and reconstructions.


Gas heating


Wood heating


Ventilation systems


Rainwater drainage

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