VentilFlex® in ventilation ducts

Source: Innotéka VentilFlex® composite chimney liner in ventilation systems Ventilation ducts of existing, old and especially monument buildings are no longer suitable for their purpose function that is to provide the desired or required air conditions in facilities with different purposes. These ducts, mainly due to their structure, do not meet the requirements. In case of…
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FuranFlex® – Can not be copied

Source: Innotéka – Nem másolható The 2016 Innovation Award of the National Intellectual Property Department was granted to Kompozitor Műanyagipari Fejlesztő Kft. for the development and trade of the FuranFlex® high heat and corrosion-resistance flexible composite liner tube system. Mr. Géza Kecskeméthy, the company’s managing director – whose name has featured almost a hundred inventions –…
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In the chimneys of Europe – Kompozitor

Hungarian family business finds solution in the chimneys of Europe Source:  – JANKOVICS SOMA Following the collapse of Ikarus, the manager of Kompozitor Kft, the company seeking market opportunities gained an idea from the fire-wall opposite to their site, with which a European success story came true. With its unique chimney liner technology, the company…
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