FuranFlex® RWV

FuranFlex® RWV

High heat-resistant flexible composite chimney liner for wood heating

T450 N1 D 3 G
EN 1443
Certification temperature: 450 °C
Maximum heat resistance: 1000 °C





After the success of the gas-heated applications of the FuranFlex® chimney liners, there was an increasing demand for its application for wood-heated chimneys as well.


Since high-temperature and dry flue gas flows in the chimneys of wood-heated stoves and boilers, therefore, the most important required property regarding wood-heated chimneys is the adequate heat resistance instead of corrosion resistance.



FuranFlex® RWV – high heat resistance, developed for wood heating

The constant heat resistance of FuranFlex® makes it possible for the liner tube to be applied to a continuous operating temperature of 450 °C (T450). FuranFlex® RWV complies with all other requirements of the standard including soot-fire resistance. FuranFlex® RWV certifications and tests have been completed and approved by several European and American institutes (ÉMI, BBA, BSRIA, UL).




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