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Flexible composite chimney liner for gas and oil heating

T200 P1 W 2 OXX
EU classification (ETA-12/0346)




“Revolutionary change in the field of chimney lining”

(Composite International)



FuranFlex - Our products - Kompozitor

What is FuranFlex®?

FuranFlex® is the only method, by which

  • chimneys of any shape, dimension and length
  • can be lined with joint-free airtight
  • liner of steel hardness composite material that is
  • resistant to corrosion, flames and heat.

The FuranFlex® tube is drawn in the chimney yet in its soft state, whereas being inflated by steam, it takes the shape of the chimney and by the effect of the heat it gets irreversibly hardened to form a heat and corrosion resistant composite liner of steel hardness.



FuranFlex - Our products - Kompozitor

Why composite material?

FuranFlex® is made of thermosetting resin material with fibre glass reinforcement (composite) that has physical (steel strength) and chemical (acid-resistant, alkali-resistant) properties that are perfectly suited for lining chimneys. Its special resin composition guarantees high thermal resistance.

We offer a 25-year guarantee for the FuranFlex® chimney liner.





Introduction of FuranFlex®



FuranFlex - Our products - Kompozitor

Reputation of FuranFlex®


FuranFlex® lining tube is exported by Kompozitor Ltd. to all countries of Europe and the USA, so far with more than 5 million metres have been installed.

FuranFlex® has won several international awards, such as the Genius Europe Grand Prix and the Innovation Trophy in Paris.




For further details: furanflex.com
Installation examples: ffcases.kompozitor.hu (English)