Corrosion-resistant, resin fiberglass-based industrial chimney

Large industrial chimneys made of bricks, concrete, and steel are also victims of corrosion, where the temperature of the flue gas with complex chemical composition is generally between 60 and 220 C. FuranFlex® technology can produce an industrial chimney up to a maximum of 1000 mm diameter and a flue gas temperature of 300 C by suspending in an external steel tube.

Kompozitor Ltd. has developed a technology for building a self-supporting and external fire resistant composite chimney from 1000 to 3000 mm in diameter with excellent corrosion resistance. The Polykamin branded industrial chimney is made of 100% composite material. In each case, it requires unique design, manufacture and installation to be performed by Kompozitor Ltd.

Main dimensions of Polykamin:

Internal diameter: 800-3,000 mm
Height: 15-100 m
Weight: 100-250 kg/m

Polykamin material properties:

Density: 1.9 kg/m2
Tensile strength (axial): 756.0 MPa
Tensile Strength (radial): 94.2 MPa
Compressive strength (axial): 434.0 MPa
Compressive strength (radial): 25.8 MPa
Operating temperature: -40-220 °C
Conductivity factor: 0.4 W/mK


Benefits of using Polykamin:

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Favourable strength/weight ratio
  • Larger air-blast due to its low thermal conductivity and heat transferring properties
  • Break-free flue gas discharge (reduction of air resistance)
  • Low air resistant inner surface (low energy demand)
  • Short installation time
  • 30 year guarantee (depending on the flue gas composition)

SARPI Dorog Environmental Protection Ltd.

It specializes in the destruction of mainly pharmaceutical and chemical wastes, the country’s largest waste incinerator in Dorog.



PolyKamin - Our products - Kompozitor


Year of construction: 2005
Guarantee: 30 years
Inner diameter: 1,250 mm
Length: 40 m
Wall thickness: 25 mm
Weight of vertical section 9.300 kg
Weight of drip-pan 1.700 kg
90° arc mass 700 kg


During the 7 years spent from putting into operation, no damage on the internal surface of the chimney has been experienced.




Due to the wind load, the POLYKAMIN chimney tube as well as any other similar chimney needs to be fixed to the ground by cables at least in three directions. In many cases however, there is no appropriate space available for that. Therefore, a new and patented technology in the cooperation of Kompozitor and Kamin-Tech was developed. Its essence is that the POLYKAMIN chimney tube is placed in a large dimension steel tube. The steel tube may be founded without cables, while there is no wind load to be born by the POLYKAMIN chimney tube inside it and so a thinner wall thickness can be realised.

PolyKamin - Our products - Kompozitor PolyKamin - Our products - Kompozitor