Flexible composite liner tubes for rain water discharge ducts

At buildings with flat roof, there are vertical water discharge ducts are installed in certain points. Their material is usually iron, concrete or hard plastic. Corrosion and the move of the building may damage these ducts. Their repair is costly and mostly requires demolition of wall parts.

An ideal repair solution is provided by the RainFlex liner:

RainFlex liner tube is drawn into the damaged rain discharge duct in its still soft state, whereas, inflated with steam, it takes the shape of the duct and by the effect of the heat it becomes irreversibly hardened so forming a water and corrosion-resistant composite liner tube with the hardness of steel.

RainFlex - Our products - Kompozitor


  • no wall demolition is required
  • the old, defected duct should not be removed
  • it perfectly seals the defected duct even in the flake cracks
  • the installation is completed within a few hours


RainFlex can be applied at vertical rain water discharge ducts.

RainFlex - Our products - Kompozitor RainFlex - Our products - Kompozitor

It is essential to professionally prepare the inlet on the roof. The roof insulation needs to be completely sealed so that no water can get underneath.



Further details: furanflex.com